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How to produce affordable, eco-friendly hydrogen gas

Centre for Surface Chemistry & Catalysis

Creation of a hydrogen panel that produces hydrogen gas from moisture in the air

Fewer infections and cancers

Centre for Surface Chemistry & Catalysis

Thorough molecular knowledge can contribute to a better understanding, faster detection and ultimately a more effective fight against infections

Turning scientific research into actual technologies

Healthcare, water supply, sustainable energy production: these are enormous challenges humanity faces. If we want to keep our world livable, we will have to develop particularly smart technological solutions in each of these domains. And fast. Time is ticking. You can help ensure this crucial momentum by supporting the Convergent Research Team. This team was established by two top scientists from KU Leuven, who hold the keys to solutions with their groundbreaking knowledge. They now want to turn their revolutionary scientific insights into actual technologies, but for that, they need your help. Together with them, you can ensure that humanity faces a sustainable future.

What do we do ?
Who are we ?

About Convergent Research

The team is convinced that it will make a difference in three domains critical to mankind: energy, water and health. These may seem very diverse, but essentially, they are connected by the same kind of molecular processes which play a key role. It is exactly about these molecular processes that Johan Martens and Francis Taulelle have gained innovative insights.


In their NMR center, they continue to improve methods to study structures and processes, which provides knowledge relevant to a multitude of research areas. Unfortunately, the insights from those different domains are nowadays hardly shared or combined. Inspired by the latest convergence science model from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this new fund wants to change this lack of sharing knowledge.


It wants to encourage cross-fertilisation and that way cost-effectively develop convergent molecular models in the domains of energy, climate change and human health. New technological concepts and engineered solutions which – in contrast to the existing slow and old approaches – will not be bottlenecked but indeed will help answering the grand challenges of humankind.

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Our projects

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